Student story: George Assioglou

published on 15 January 2024

About you

I'm a Frontend Engineer passionate about crafting user-friendly and visually attractive websites and web apps. My skills are centered around front-end development technologies and tools, including popular web frameworks and e-commerce platforms. I also have experience with web design software and back-end programming languages. One of the things I enjoy most is creating user interfaces that not only look great but also drive positive results for the business.

In addition to my technical skills, I take great joy in being part of a development team. Working with different teams and departments to develop solutions that meet our users' needs is something I find very rewarding.

How did you decide becoming a PM?

Currently, I'm focused on enhancing my role as a Frontend Engineer rather than seeking a new position. So the decision to learn more about Product Management came from my desire to improve in my current role.

I realized that understanding the principles of Product Management could make me a better professional. It's not so much about shifting my career at this moment but about enriching my current role as a Frontend Engineer. By gaining insights into Product Management, I can better understand user needs, collaborate more effectively with different teams, and contribute to creating products that resonate well with our users.

What did you like in the job as you experienced it through the course?

I liked the direct interaction with customers and various teams. The psychology behind these interactions is fascinating to me – understanding the different perspectives and motivations of people and how this influences their decisions.
Also, the management aspect of my job is something I find very rewarding. Organizing tasks, setting goals, and leading a team towards success, understanding the team's dynamics, motivations, and how to bring out the best in everyone. This is the psychology of team management, and I find it incredibly engaging.

I also enjoy the persuasive aspect of the product manager role. Convincing team members of a particular strategy or getting stakeholders to support a project direction is not just about logical arguments but also understanding their viewpoints and motivations. This part of my job allows me to utilize both my communication skills and my understanding of psychology to influence and guide decisions, adding a rich and dynamic layer to my daily tasks.

What will be your next steps after the course?

After completing this course, my next steps are to actively apply the knowledge I've gained in my current role as a Frontend Engineer. I plan to use the insights from Product Management to enhance how I approach project development, particularly in understanding user needs more deeply and aligning our development work with those needs.
I aim to bridge the gap between technical development and user-centric design in my projects. By doing so, I can contribute more effectively to creating products that are not only technically sound but also resonate well with our target audience.

I want to be more involved in the decision-making process, offering insights from both a technical and a user-experience perspective. Using the knowledge I've gained from this course, I'll be able to integrate myself more fully into my team by combining my technical expertise with a deeper understanding of user engagement and product strategy.

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