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Meet Your Instructor

Hello, I am Angelos and I will be your instructor in almost all the programs of the Product-led Academy. If you know me at all, you know that you can simply find me online and start a conversation. Don't hesitate!

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Aggelos Mouzakitis, Product Growth expert & instructor

I started working in digital at the age of 19 as a marketer. At 23, I got my first managerial position in marketing, and at 27, I led the digital image of Greece abroad. From 27 to 33, I lived in London and Strasbourg, making a career turn towards Product. I have taught over 1500 people and collaborated with over 100 technology products. I have built a name for myself abroad with my work, and a simple search will answer many of your questions. I would be delighted to be your instructor on this journey towards product expertise.

Student stories

Read the stories of some of our students, who they are, what led them to Product Management, and how they plan to use it.

Student Story: George Assioglou, Frontend Engineer

Read Giorgos's story, a talented frontend dev from Thessaloniki who joined the 1st cycle of the program to incorporate PM to his skillset for his resume and to build his ideas.

Student Story: Manos Remountakis, Full stack engineer

Read Manos's story, a full stack engineer who decided to explore Product Management to take his career one step further, being more customer-centric.

Student Story: George Chalikiopoulos, Head of Growth

Read Giorgos's story, a senior Growth expert who realized growth now starts from the product and acquired the necessary knowledge to enhance his capabilities.

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