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We deliver tailored educational programs to companies that want to train their workforce into better-delivering digital products.

Trained from us

  • From Unicorn tech companies, rising startups
  • to embassies and commercial chambers of commerce
  • We have trained over 1500 people.

How does it work

  • 1

    Needs discovery

    We identify your team's needs together to make sure you get just the necessary components we offer. 

  • 2

    Program design

    We design a robust program out of our available components and present it to you for approval.

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    Program delivery

    We deliver the program either online or at your premises if it's possible.

Available components

We build highly customised educational programs based on your team's needs. Our programs consist of one or more of the components below. Pick the ones you prefer or let's figure our together which ones you need.

Product management basics

Discover the foundations of product management, from ideation to market launch. Learn to align your product strategy with business goals, understand customer needs, and navigate the product lifecycle confidently.

Product Prioritization and planning

Master the art of decision-making with tools and frameworks to prioritize features and plan product roadmaps. Ensure your team focuses on high-impact initiatives that drive growth and user satisfaction.

Problem discovery and validation

Learn to identify real user problems through advanced research and qualitative and quantitative analysis. Validate solutions quickly with lean methodologies, reducing risk and ensuring product-market fit.

Growth Product management

Unlock growth strategies for your product, leveraging analytics, A/B testing, and user feedback. Cultivate a growth mindset to drive user acquisition, retention, and monetization.

Customer insights for Product

Gain deep insights into your customers' behaviors and preferences. Use qualitative and quantitative research to inform product decisions and create compelling user experiences.

Pricing & Packaging restructuring

Optimize your product's pricing and packaging to increase revenue and market competitiveness. Learn best practices for pricing models, value communication, and segmentation.

Building stuff with no-code tools

Empower your team to create prototypes and MVPs without extensive coding knowledge. Explore the latest no-code platforms and tools to bring your ideas to life quickly.

AI tools for Product managers

Explore how AI and machine learning can enhance your product strategy, from personalized user experiences to predictive analytics. Stay ahead with the latest AI tools and techniques.

Student stories

Read the stories of some of our students, who they are, what led them to Product Management, and how they plan to use it.

Student Story: George Assioglou, Frontend Engineer

Read Giorgos's story, a talented frontend dev from Thessaloniki who joined the 1st cycle of the program to incorporate PM to his skillset for his resume and to build his ideas.

Student Story: Manos Remountakis, Full stack engineer

Read Manos's story, a full stack engineer who decided to explore Product Management to take his career one step further, being more customer-centric.

Student Story: George Chalikiopoulos, Head of Growth

Read Giorgos's story, a senior Growth expert who realized growth now starts from the product and acquired the necessary knowledge to enhance his capabilities.

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