Student story: Manos Remountakis

published on 15 January 2024

About you

I'm Emmanouil Remountakis, a software engineer with a rich background in Computer Science. I've participated in the full product development lifecycle of successful platforms used by thousands. My journey includes an MSc and MEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, along with valuable experience as a Software Engineer at Exclusivi and as a Full Stack Developer & Software Consultant at Cognity. I've developed a range of skills from MongoDB to React, and I'm known for my quick learning ability, creativity, and problem-solving attitude.

How did you decide becoming a PM?

I decided to become a Product Manager after recognizing the pivotal role this position plays in bridging the gap between technology, business, and user experience. My interest in Product Management was sparked by my fascination with how digital products are conceptualized, developed, and brought to market. I was drawn to the multifaceted nature of the role, which combines strategic thinking, creativity, and technical understanding. Additionally, the opportunity to work closely with diverse teams and impact the end-user experience greatly appealed to me. The shift towards Product Management seemed like a natural progression in my career, allowing me to leverage my previous experiences while challenging me to acquire new skills and perspectives. This course seemed like the perfect opportunity to formalize my knowledge and prepare me for a successful career in this dynamic and exciting field.

What did you like in the job as you experienced it through the course?

Through the course, I developed a strong appreciation for the multi-faceted nature of the Digital Product Manager's role. What I particularly enjoyed and look forward to in my future career is the strategic planning and visioning aspect. Shaping the direction of a product from its conception to its launch presents an exciting blend of creativity and analytical thinking. The user-centric approach resonated deeply with me; understanding user needs and translating those insights into effective product solutions is a challenge I eagerly anticipate.

Moreover, the emphasis on cross-functional collaboration highlighted the importance of working with diverse teams like engineering, marketing, and design. This collaborative aspect excites me as it allows for a broad range of perspectives and fosters a comprehensive approach to product development. The problem-solving and innovative nature of the role is another aspect that stood out. Identifying and prioritizing the right problems to solve, and then innovating solutions for them, is a process I find particularly appealing.

Lastly, the course's focus on data-driven decision-making underlined the significance of using data to inform and guide product strategies. The prospect of leveraging data analytics to measure performance and make informed decisions is something I am keenly looking forward to. Overall, the course has prepared me well for a career in Digital Product Management, and I am excited to apply these learnings in a real-world context.

What will be your next steps after the course?

After completing the course, my immediate focus will be on seeking roles in digital product management, where I can apply my new skills in a practical setting, ideally starting with entry-level positions or internships to gain hands-on experience. I plan to continue learning, staying updated with industry trends, and engaging in professional networks and communities.

Networking will be key, as I intend to connect with experienced professionals for mentorship and insight. I will also make use of the course resources, like the 40+ templates, as practical tools in my early career endeavors.

Simultaneously, I'll work on enhancing my skills in critical areas such as data analysis, user experience design, and agile methodologies, possibly through additional courses or certifications.

In summary, my next steps involve a combination of practical experience, continuous learning, and professional networking, all aimed at forging a successful path in digital product management.

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