Launch your product business with group coaching

De-risk the launch of your product or your productized service

From idea to reality

I will help you, step-by-step, put your idea into wheels and make it a reality. From design and prototyping to MVP and testing.

Peer feedback and guidance

You will get spot-on guidance but also peer feedback from your colleagues in the coaching group.

Advanced product & growth techniques

You will get ideas for advanced product and growth tactics to overcome the typical challenges every fresh founder is facing.

The 3-step process

I make sure no minute is lost unproductively so that you make the most out of this service.

  • 1
    Assessment: On our first session I will focus on understanding your challenge, what prevents from overcoming it, your efforts so far and potential gaps you have.
  • 2
    Coaching plan: As soon as the situation is clear, we will build together your coaching plan. It might need only an hour or a few weeks, depending on the nature of the challenge.
  • 3
    Weekly or Bi-weekly meetings: I will pass you useful content to watch or things to read and we will use our calls to discuss the challenge and your questions making the absolute use of our time.

Choose your coaching plan

  • Advance your Product Career

    For people that want to transition to Product or already work as Product managers but want to advance their careers.
    • ✓
      Resume review
    • ✓
      Interview preparation
    • ✓
      Remote job help
    • ✓
      Internal task help
    • ✓
      Stakeholder comms
    • ✓

You Ask — We Tell

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